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We’re delighted to introduce you to Optimal Healthcare Ltd and to living and working in the Cayman Islands as a Health Professional. It’s a very, very special place and you can explore why right here.

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Optimal Healthcare Recruitment Philosophy

Like any industry, healthcare attracts a wide variety of individuals with many and varied experiences. Overlay that with almost everyone entertaining thoughts of living or working in an idyllic tropical locale at some stage in their life (often whilst on holiday). But our view is that it has to work, for you, for us, for patients and for the Cayman Islands. If it works for everyone, it will REALLY work for you.

That breaks down into those motivated by the right reasons, and those with the very best training, skills and career experiences humanly possible that align with local needs. At an Optimal level, that means indviduals who:

  • will be the best person in the room (by training, skills and experience)
  • are motivated by doing the very best for patients, not personal reward
  • embody our values in every sense

This is what we consider to be an ‘Optimal’ physician or nurse. It creates an amazing work environment and culture for you and us all. It also creates a leading healthcare provider too. What we won’t ever do is just put a ‘bottom on a seat’ and so we’re happy to wait, and wait, and wait.

A medical professional in a white coat holds a red heart-shaped object, symbolizing the heart of Optimal Healthcare

Welcome to the Cayman Islands

A tropical beach with white sand, clear turquoise water, and a few palm trees. Two empty white lounge chairs are positioned under a slightly leaning palm tree.

For an island that’s just 22 miles long, it is almost impossible to convey the vibrancy to life here. Our expat population is around half of the population, so there is an abundance of cultural, sporting and entertainment opportunities far beyond the sorts of things you might just expect in a holiday destination. What we really love is that you have time and headspace outside of work to really enjoy these things too. That’s special.

We arrive in mid-2016 and since then, we have utterly fallen in love with an island that is both beautiful and unique. It has a wonderful culture, with incredible people, and a sense of community like no other. It’s suufficiently Western that you won’t miss any creature comforts and yet completely Caribbean too, resulting in a really healthy attitude to life, well-being and each other.

We love the time we spend with friends, whether it’s a drink after work over sunset or days out on a boat. It’s a very social place and also very gentle. If you like a sense of community, we don’t think there is anywhere quite like it and it has literally become part of our soul. 

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