Dr Sara Watkin

About Dr Watkin – Paediatrician (Pediatrician) in Cayman

Dr Sara Watkin moved to Grand Cayman in July 2016 to take up post, originally, as Specialist Paediatrician and Neonatologist (newborn & preterm care). She went on to co-found a successful practice here before reigniting her passion for delivering optimal care in… Optimal Healthcare Ltd, as Consultant Paediatrician, Cayman Islands. Dr Watkin full admitting rights to the neonatal unit and paediatric wards at George Town Hospital (Cayman Islands Hospital HSA).

She originally moved from the UK, where she was Chief of Service for the Neonatal Service at University College London Hospitals, one of the UK’s most prestigious services, having previously been Chief of Service in Nottingham, and trained in Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, amongst others.

“In my general paediatric role in Grand Cayman, I see up to 20 children a day in the outpatient setting. These children range from newborn to 16 years and have the full spectrum of childhood or paediatric complaints, from very minor to complex health and developmental problems. Besides the more everyday paediatric care needs around lumps, bumps, infections and skin issues, the more complex conditions I manage include ADHD and autistic spectrum disorders, respiratory disease, failure to thrive, short stature, diabetes, duchennes muscular dystrophy, complex cardiac disease and immune deficiency.

I have full paediatric admitting rights to George Town Hospital and also care for children requiring urgent admission to the paediatric wards. My acute paediatric skills include line insertion and lumber puncture.

I have a wide-ranging education in both general and tertiary paediatrics including training at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, as well as Nottingham City Hospital and in Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham. Prior to becoming a Paediatrician Cayman-side of the Atlantic, I was fortunate to gain 25+ years experience across the full spectrum of paediatric and newborn problems at the highest possible level.”

Dr Sara Watkin, Consultant Paediatrician Cayman Islands


30 Years Paediatric Experience


Tertiary Trained & Experienced


Full GMC Registration July 1987


True Consultant Neonatologist


Current Resuscitation Skills


Specialist Register Paediatrics


Former NICU Chief of Service


Newborn Emergencies


Neonatal care from 24 Weeks

Dr Watkin gained more than 23 years’ experience at consultant-level in UK paediatrics and neonatal medicine, where she gained 9 clinical excellence awards (the maximum number), having attained her specialist registration in paediatrics and undertaken tertiary level training in both paediatrics and neonatal medicine, including within World-famous Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. Since becoming Consultant Paediatrician Cayman, she has added a further 7+ years of both newborn and general paediatric experience to an already distinguished career.


Flexible & Highly Available


Cayman Standard Fees


Integrity Always First


Tertiary Training & Practice


Complete Commitment


Caring & Compassionate

Paediatric Care in Grand Cayman

Dr Sara Watkin offers comprehensive & compassionate paediatric care in her role as Consultant Paediatrician at Optimal Healthcare in Grand Cayman.

As a tertiary specialist, Dr Sara prides herself on the highest standards of paediatric care, fully up-to-date and tailored to the needs of each and every child and their parents too.


  • Development, developmental follow up & milestones
  • Immunisation & vaccinations
  • Ongoing feeding and nutrition advice and conditions
  • Allergies & intolerances e.g. Cows Milk Intolerance
  • Growth advice and concerns
  • Skin, spots, rashes and other blemishes
  • Fever, viruses etc including bronchiolitis
  • Asthma, wheezing & exercise intolerance
  • Ears, noses, throats & eyes
  • Urgent or emergency care

Dr Watkin works with other specialists when children require referrals e.g. ENT or eye specialists.

She has full admitting rights to the George Town Hospital (HSA) paediatric wards and offers out-of-hours care for urgent concerns too.

Paediatric Services Provided

1st Year of Life Care

Immunisations (both advising and administering)

Well Child Checks

child coughing

Treating Persistent Cough & ARI

Treating Flat Head (Plagiocephaly)

Asthma Management

Choosing a Newborn Paediatrician in Cayman

Many parents first choose a paediatrician when they are about to have their first child and then maintain that relationship throughout their child’s childhood. Dr Watkin always suggests meeting paediatricians to see who best meets your needs. You can meet Dr Watkin for free antenatally, where you can discuss birth, immediate newborn care and address any questions you may have.


Dr Watkin prides herself in her availability and accessibility. She regularly take calls in the evening, weekends and at night. Dr Watkin lives 5-10 minutes from George Town and can be at the hospital generally within 5-7 minutes from the point of an urgent phone call or for a delivery.

“My parents know that they can call me when they need me and they’ll never be made to feel that they shouldn’t have called.” – Dr Watkin