Our Values

Our Values are in our DNA

If values are not firmly rooted in the organisational DNA and don’t drive every decision, action and organising principle, then they are slogans, or marketing. Staff know it. And patients know it.

We established Optimal Healthcare under the strong belief that INTEGRITY is the single most important characteristic and indeed responsibility of those privileged to work in healthcare. That alone meant that if we were going to talk about our values, then we had better walk our values too.

In fact, we’d like to ask why anyone would trust the preciousness of their own and their family’s health and wellbeing with any organisation that spoke hollow words around something as fundamental as their values?

Andrew Vincent
Optimal Healthcare Ltd

About Optimal Healthcare

Optimal’s mission is to transform health and healthcare alike, to deliver an optimal healthspan within a long lifespan, and thus vibrancy to life. This comes from our first two values – Health and Wellbeing.