Our Cayman Islands Neonatologists

Neonatologist experience and training really matter in neonatal care. Although the majority of births are without incident, complications of pregnancy and delivery can occur at any time and if that’s in delivery, moments and good decisions really do matter. We’re proud of our experience as Cayman Islands Neonatologists.

Dr Sara Watkin

Dr Sara Watkin

MB ChB, MRCP (paeds), FRCPCH, MD

Paediatrician and Neonatologist
Consultant Paediatrician and Neonatologist with over 30 years’ experience.

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Newborn & Neonatal Services Provided by our Neonatologists

We spend most of our time making sure birth is wonderful and safe for your baby. However, our newborn & neonatal services cover the full spectrum from extremely preterm delivery to newborn emergencies in term babies, including birth asphyxia, allowing you to enjoy the journey knowing the right experience is on hand if needed. Our Cayman Islands Neonatologists have the experience that really counts in delivery.

Conducting a baby check on a newborn

Attending Deliveries & Doing Baby Checks

Helping a mum enjoy skin to skin care

Supporting Birth Plans & Wishes

Newborn baby being immunised

Newborn Screening & Immunisations

Early newborn feeding establishment

Early Support & Feeding Establishment

Cayman Islands Neonatologist supporting a newborn with breathing difficulties

Newborn Resuscitation & Urgent Care

Cannulated baby undergoing neonatal intensive care

Neonatal Intensive Care & Emergencies

Preterm infant needing support

Preterm (Premature) Delivery & Care

Intubated baby with RDS

Respiratory Distress Syndrome & Ventilation

Baby with jaundice undergoing phototherapy

Jaundice & Phototherapy

Baby with a newborn infection or allergic condition

Newborn Infections & Sepsis

Baby receiving care in NICU

Seizures & Encephalopathy

Baby with microcephaly held by parent

Congenital & Genetic Conditions

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Choosing Cayman Islands Neonatologists

We think choosing a neonatologist in the Cayman Islands is an important decision. In the UK, almost all problems associated with preterm or term complications are managed by a neonatologist – for which this is explicit accreditation. In the past, care was provided by paediatricians until neonatal medicine became a subspecialty due to the expertise required in many circumstances. In the Cayman Islands, much care is still provided by regular paediatricians attending delivery but now there are at least three accredited neonatologists, including at least two private ones. Dr Sara Watkin is one of those.