Dr Watkin Nominated for Best Paediatrician

Written By Dr. Sara Watkin

Dr Sara Watkin nominated for Best Paediatrician

I am so delighted to share “Dr Sara Watkin nominated for Best Paediatrician” as I think all that know me truly understand what a privilege I feel it is to be able to do what I do.

I am both a paediatrician and a neonatologist, which is a type of paediatrician that cares for newborns and preterm infants. For many years, I was the only cayman paediatrician who was formally accredited as a neonatologist by the GMC. Of course I am the reason there are now more – I recruited them!

Obviously I’ll be delighted if parents and other vote for me but what’s most important to me is the work that I do. It’s always nice to be endorsed though!

Please do vote, even if it is not for me!